Michael Tsarion on youtube The Earth is in Quarantine  

This is one of my favorite authors and speakers.  His books talk about the origin of evil in our world, which has come to us only in the last 50,000 years.  Yes, that's right, we are not violent by nature, and in fact were quite peaceful lovers of nature and at one with our world.  As Tsarion explains in this video, the 'gods' came down and taught us war(have you ever wondered why all military insignia are the same for every army in the world? This could only have come about if all war had the same single source). 
As this video explains, there was once a race so wicked that they were chased through the universe and pretended to land on the large water planet that used to exist between Mars and Jupiter. The planet was blown up while these evil ones hid underground on our planet.  Once the coast was clear they came out and after looking around, decided that they needed some slave so worship them.  They started with the local apelike creatures and upgraded their DNA with their own. This created a very smart and very spiritual creature who wouldn't worship the gods.  Back to the drawing board. 
The local reptilians looked like a good match, so the gods created a new creature to worship and work for them. This creature was cold-blooded and very strong; the prefect worker.  Best of all, this creature wasn't bothered by a conscious because he didn't have a spiritual side(think sociopath). 
Now our world is filled with humans who are a mix of these two types of humans and every day we either fight our dark, reptilian side, or give into it, ignoring our spiritual side.  Today our world is set up to reward the sociopathic types, so it would stand to reason that the gods who created us are still here or their descendants.  
Tsarion has lots of youtube videos backing up his claims. He uses the ancient religious works for all cultures, concentrating on the Duridic and Indian cultures of which his is both.  Listen and be amazed.

Book Review Voyagers by Ashayana Deane 

I'd heard about this book through another author and really does fill in a lot of the gaps in our history.  The author was an abductee by maligned ETs and then in her early teens, by benevolent ETs, which is really where all the confusion comes in.  Some people say that aliens are wonderful while some consider them demons.  And just like humans, there are all sorts of different types of aliens, but whatever their origin, and some are pretty strange, it all comes down to this, some aliens want us to thrive and fulfill our destiny and join our galactic family as co-creators, and some aliens want to use us for their own needs.  Service to self- versus-service to others as the aliens put it.  What's amazing is that sometimes the scariest aliens can be the most compassionate, while the ones that look the most like us might be the scariest of all(think of a charming psychopath). 

As this book tells us, it's really up to us to go within and find the kingdom of God within, so that we can evolve our way out of the discord that the negative aliens have brought us.  We could have heaven on earth so easily if we'd just start living the golden rule and treating each other as we'd like to be treated.  I know that sounds simplistic and as the author tells us, we are violent because we have been disconnected from our spirit matrix,  which means that all of the energy coming in can't connect so it just builds up with no release so we turn fearful and get it out of our systems by way of violence.  I don't know that I've explained it well enough, but that's as much as I can understand. 

One of the ways to evolve is to listen to our intuition.  "Intuition (began) which serves as a bridge between the original emotive codes and the divergent impulses arising from the mutation".  page 101 Without intuition we would have abnormal growth(I'm not sure if they mean physical) and our species would have been permanently stunted. . . . we need emotional healing that comes from listening to what our intuition is telling us about our emotions.  In other words, it's our emotions that will set us free, and that's exactly what is being drugged out of us, when our emotions are not being manipulated to buy something. 

I highly recommend this book for its history of which aliens are doing what to us, rather than putting all aliens in one basket, we need to know what's really going on.  There is also some very complicated chapters on raising awareness and who the different councils are who are helping us.  I tended to skip over that part.  I'm sure I'll come back to it later, but for now, it wasn't applicable to my life.


Review for What Used To Be 

The track is very professionally mixed and mastered. The vocals are just loud enough to become the focus of attention, while still allowing for the beautiful tone of the strings to shine through. All the pieces harmonize flawlessly to create a really slow, sad song. The singer provides a very fitting and polished performance on the track, carrying a sorrowful melody with just enough strength to convey the lyrics' hopefulness. While the melody belies a country/folk influence, the choice in instrumentation and their sparing use naturally and distinctly modifies this beautifully put-together track into something really memorable.

Elon Musk 

Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future
Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future
Offered by Audible, Inc. (US)
5.0 out of 5 stars InspiringSeptember 14, 2015
The inspiring story of how one person can change the future of all mankind, and I don't say that lightly, but on the other hand, it seems to always be single individuals with a dream who bring out change. From Jesus to Bill Gates, from Steve Jobs, to Steve Bezos, and not to forget the contribution women make, we have Catherine the Great to Elizabeth the First who literally saved their nations, it's always the same, one person with a combination of passion, smarts and dedication to a goal, that make all the difference. If only we taught our children that fact instead of rewarding them for obeying society's sometimes petty rules, we might have more positive change as human beings.

Listening to Elon Musk's climb to the top of business world by wanting perfection from both himself and his employees, was so inspirational to me. With the money-men laughing at him, Mitt Romney comes to mind, calling Musk a loser during a presidential debate, when the only loser was Mitt himself, Musk purservered and built his spaceships and a car that redefined what a car is. A man who pushed himself and everyone around him to the brink of what they thought they could do, Musk is like one of those coaches who may scare his players to death, but in the end shows them that they can do much more than they ever believed.

Ashlee Vance did an excellent job of giving us a picture of Musk's world and the pressures he had to endure to succeed. Going up against both NASA and the big Three auto makers, Musk did the impossible and is making our lives better for it. Musk's vision is a clearer world starting with cars, and if that doesn't save the Earth, then he's working to send a rocket to Mars where we can escape the misguided abuse of our only home, Earth.

I have found that audio books work best for non-fiction. I've tried to listen to fiction books, but I like reading them better. Maybe it's all the podcasts and radio I've listened to over the years which is all non-fiction is the reason, but whatever the cause, it's too late now so I stick to non-fiction and Elon's story was a joy to listen to. I had no idea that Musk was responsible for so many innovations that we all now enjoy. I had no idea that his cousins had started Sun City, a company that will evaluate your house and tell you what solar can do for you, and then install it, which is brilliant because who knows how to install such a complicated system. Like Elon, they saw a need and filled it.

I highly recommend this fascinating look into a modern day genius. Just knowing such people exist and are working towards the good of mankind, gives me hope for the future, more hope than listening to the nightly news channels competing to tell us the worse new possible.

why I give my album away for free 


Here's a great Tedtalk that sums up why I give my work away for free.  Compensation for creativity tends to stunt the process.  I don't write songs, or sing for any other reason but to connect with other people.  

To say, 'hey, I live, I love, I hurt, I am joyful, just like you'.  I put my human journey to music, and if listening to my stories make others feel that they're not alone, then I've accomplished my goal, and no amount of money can make me feel as good as lifting someone else's spirit.

That's why I give my music away for free and will continue to do so.  Some people insist on giving me money, which I then give to the Tim Landry Scholarship Memorial Fund, which goes to giving out scholarships to kids who've inspired their fellow students.  

So please, enjoy the music and if you need to give back, do so to the people in your life.  It's all one big circle, and we're all one so it doesn't matter who you give to, we all benefit in the end.  Thanks for wanting to listen to my music.

Be your own hero 

We love stories.We love a great movie, a great song, and we love gossip, because in the end, we love stories.Why? 
Because we’re all here on our own hero’s journey. We come into the physical world to learn and lesson and in learning it, we teach each other.That’s why we love to hear about other people’s stories, because that’s why were here.
In Joseph Campbell’s famous book, Hero with a 1000 Faces, he talks about the same story told over and over again, with a different hero every time.Check it out for yourself. Watch any movie that you love and you’ll see what I mean.
Here’s the outline.The hero is going on in his normal life when he gets the call. He must gather his courage to leave his world and enter a new one.There will be tests at every door he must walk through, and in the end, if the hero doesn’t bring out his greatest flaw/fear, and over come it, he won’t complete the journey.
If the hero does complete the journey, he then goes back to his tribe to share his new wisdom and to reap the reward of being a hero.
Apply this formula to Star Wars, or It’s a Wonderful Life, or any other classic(meaning tells the truth) and you’ll see what I mean.
We are all powerful spiritual beings who took the treacherous journey down to the physical world to learn a lesson. Earth holds the most intense lessons because once you come here, you forget who you really are.Only the bravest of the brave take on an Earth lesson, so count yourself as one of the best of the best and the bravest.
We are all writing our own story and we all hold in the deepest parts of ourselves, the script we wrote and want to live out.If we don’t bring out that script and live our heart’s desire, we’ll be miserable and only live half a life.
Oh, we might take drugs, or drink or run marathons or bury ourselves in our children or work, but we know when we’re doing our heart’s desire because when we are, physical rewards don’t matter.
How can you tell what your mission on earth is? What would you do if you weren’t getting paid?What makes you forget to eat?What would you sacrifice for?What makes you want to smile all day, and smile at strangers who cut you off on the freeway?
If this sounds like being in love, it is.Following your bliss makes you feel like you’re in love, because you are in love—with life.And if God is love, then you’re at one with God if you’re in love.
So that’s how you find what journey you’re supposed to be on, it’s what you love, and in order to finish your journey, you’ll have to tap into your fears(shadow self) to find the strength.It’s scary, but not going on your journey means a lifetime of burying your true desires(and self) will bring nothing but misery.
But then again, we all love a redemption story.A story where the hero lifts his head up out of his drunken haze(funny how alcohol affects the liver which stands for courage), and takes on the job of protecting the young child, saving the town, or throws himself on the bomb at the last minute.
We all love stories and we all love a hero, and we all have the chance to the be the hero of our own story. “all the world’s a stage, and in the end, we play all the parts”.
Be your own hero.

why we love rock stars 

What is it with our obsessions with rock stars?To me it’s because music comes from the spiritual world, and musicians are our modern day shamans. 
The best music seems to need the musician to be in an altered state.Most artists seem to embrace this notion, happily doing drugs and alcohol, often to excess.
Unfortunately, this led to the unlucky ‘27th’ birthday which many of our finest musicians didn’t make it past.Even as they died from their excesses, the 60’s and 70’s musicians gave us some of the most classic rock ever written.
It wasn’t until the drugs changed from hallucinogenics to cocaine, did the songs start to go from exploring the spirit world, to exulting the material world.The 80’s brought in rock that was put together by businesses where money was the motive instead of creativity.Our shamans were no longer exploring the inner world, but instead, were all about ego instead.
I think this is why so many people don’t care as much about music.It doesn’t connect them with their inner world, but instead just asks them to worship the musician.American Idol takes this to absolute pinnacle of worship of the musician as an idol, above the rest of us because of personal power.
Now it’s the tech world that explore the inner world by giving us the ability to connect with each other through words and pictures, just as if we were all psychic.Our new shamans are the inventors of IPhones, IPads, video games and Apps.
Our musicians have been corrupted by the material world and now they no longer hold our fascination.We’ve moved on to the next shamans in our search for meaning in the material world.
It’s always about our search for home; the hero’s journey in the hard and lonely world materialism in which we’re all collectively trapped.We’re always looking for a savior to show us the way back home.
But just as Dorothy found out long ago, we all have the ability to go home any time we want, because home is inside all of us.

New CD in the works 

With enough new songs to make 3 new cds, I think it's time to start the next one.  My co-writer, Cory Wilds, who co-produced my last cd with Charlie Wilson, is going it solo this time.  Well, he'll have my help for what it's worth . . . 

The new songs have a more country sound to them, which is the first music I ever loved, well, that and gospel, so expect some foot-stomping blues, and more stories of my life and the what I see and experience going on around me.

I've realized that I'm not happy if I'm not singing, so I'm going to follow my bliss wherever it takes me.  And if anyone wants a cd, all they have to do is to send me an address and a signed cd will find it's way to your house.

Just in case wanted to keep up on what's cool 

Tumblr is for porn.
Facebook is for the wannabe famous.

Instagram is for those who are too lazy to write.

Texting is social currency. It doesn't matter how many likes or friends or followers you've got, but how many people text you and how regularly, that's how popularity is judged today.

Pinterest is inexplicable to guys.

Samsung is for those who hate Apple and those too cheap to buy an iPhone (not necessarily the same thing, Apple-haters will buy the most expensive Galaxy).

iPhone 4s means you're almost at the end of your contract or you're too cheap to upgrade.

Tesla means you're more interested in status than utility, or you never drive far from home.

iPhone 5c means you think iPhones really cost a hundred bucks, not north of five hundred.

Windows means you got your computer from work or you're too cheap to buy a Mac. Argue all you want, perception is everything, and perception is reality.

Hip-hop is the rock and roll of the Millennials. With a dollop of Gen-X'ers thrown in.

Rock and roll is the music of the baby boomers, who believe everything they're into should last forever, but it doesn't, just like them.

Books get a lot of publicity, but barely sell. Sure, there are exceptions, but very few.

Sales are irrelevant, streams are everything, but newspapers are only trumpeting Spotify plays when all the action's on YouTube.

Albums are for the creators, no one else cares, except for a cadre of extremely vocal fans.

Terrestrial radio is an advertiser-laden medium for poor people. Anybody with an income is listening to satellite or streaming from their mobile device.

Baby boomers buy Japanese automobiles because they remember how bad their parents' Detroit iron was. In other words, despite all the press that GM, Ford and Chrysler are improving, boomers are sticking to Toyota and Honda, at least in California, and trends still start in California, don't ever forget it.

Binge viewing is a badge of honor. Telling everybody you stayed home to watch all the episodes of _______ garners more status than saying you went to the show, and there's more to talk about!

The Millennials want to be famous, just watch Douglas Rushkoff's documentary "Generation Like":http://to.pbs.org/1f5puC7

Newspapers insist on fat profit margins and head for decrepitude while online sites focus on user experience first and profits last. In other words, it's the product, stupid!

Companies are constantly fighting for awareness.

Ignorance reigns. Education comes through word of mouth, which also spreads falsehoods. He who knows the most truth wins. We live in an information society, what's in your brain is paramount.

Without relationships you cannot succeed.

Here today, gone tomorrow, welcome to the twenty first century. You can only combat this by constantly producing. U2 released a single during the Super Bowl, it's already been forgotten, assuming you knew its name to begin with.

No one cares if Shia LaBeouf wears a bag on his head, it's a trumped up media story.

Robin Thicke will screw everything that moves, wake up and realize his career is over and lament the loss of his wife.

Alec Baldwin was right about Harvey Levin, but if you think he's retiring from public life, you believe Kim Kardashian is all natural. That's what Alec does, turn it on in the public eye, without this oxygen he's dead, so he'll be back, just like Scott Shannon, ha! ("Alec Baldwin: Good-bye, Public Life": http://vult.re/1ceuBOj)

Just because you get press for your celebrity cook/lifestyle book, don't think we care, you're just another loser like us. In other words, just because you promote it, that does not mean it will sell.

Bitcoin may not be forever, but digital currency is.

Marc Andreesen is a borderline blowhard who is pontificating on tech better than most, pay attention to what he says.

You know Twitter is in crisis when regular tweeters like Michael Moore don't.

Apple is not going to revolutionize television. Content owners won't let them.

Manhattan is losing steam as an arts center, it's just too expensive to live there. In other words, bankers can prop up institutions, but they cannot drive them forward.

Millennials are not mad that technologists are crowding them out of San Francisco as much as they are that they too are not rich.

Bill Gates cannot save Microsoft. Samsung is a better me-too company. Vision is everything today.

Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook. They control the world, consolidation has taken hold, it's the next hot topic and you don't know it yet.

People give up when no one's paying attention, whether it be music, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter... Like hula-hoops, they're fads, interesting for a while, then abandoned.

Just because something makes money, that does not mean it does not suck.    Visit the archive: http://lefsetz.com/wordpress/ 

Making the video for Waiting 

I've just come back from a wonderful weekend in Utah where our daughter lives.  Why Utah?  Because that's where Kelsey Daniels lives and works as a movie producer, production manager and sometime director.  

Our first day in Salt Lake City, her dad and I watched Kelsey's team blow up a fountain in a park.  They had to because there were landsharks attaching the Aquabats, a wonderful group of crime fighters who also play in a band, and are all-around nice guys.

Friday night was the wrap party for the Aquabats show, and we all bowled and ate pizza, and then watched one of the Aquabats shows and met all of the players and crew.  After meeting everyone, and seeing what a fun time they had, I'd work on the show for free.  Maybe they'll have a crime-fighting female singer some day . . . 

Saturday morning, we all met a 8:30 am at the Creative Arts Dance studio in Bountiful.  Dancers were everywhere.  It was a treat watching three sets of dancers filmed dancing to my song Waiting.  It was so magical.  Great job teaching the girls the steps Amber.

Kelsey wrote the script of the video and it's the wonderful story of a single mom always working to afford her young daughter's dance lessons, which leaves her unable to make many of the shows her daughter dances in through the years.  You'll have to see the finished video to see what happens.

Sunday was more work, and I had to actually act.  Since I am definitely not an actress, unless the situation requires me to be more enthusiastic about things my husband wants to do, like go on a boat for 4 months, or drive across the U.S. on a motorcycle in 30 degree weather . . . where was I?  Oh, right, I can't act, but no problem for the best young director in town, Kelsey told me what to do; yawn, look at the wall, and on and on.  Never more than 3 seconds of acting at a time(I think I could have done 5 seconds).

Monday, we took Kelsey and her helicopter pilot husband out for dinner at Valter's, a wonderful Italian place close to our hotel, where we had amazing food and great wine.

Tuesday morning we bundled up and hit the road.  I had on my Mother's Day present of an electric jacket under my winter Harley jacket, turned the seat warmer on high and off we went.

Driving across the country is both terrifying and amazing, but we made it back safe.  I watched a live explosion, rode in a helicopter, and rode a motorcycle across 3 states.  What a weekend!