why we love rock stars

What is it with our obsessions with rock stars?To me it’s because music comes from the spiritual world, and musicians are our modern day shamans. 
The best music seems to need the musician to be in an altered state.Most artists seem to embrace this notion, happily doing drugs and alcohol, often to excess.
Unfortunately, this led to the unlucky ‘27th’ birthday which many of our finest musicians didn’t make it past.Even as they died from their excesses, the 60’s and 70’s musicians gave us some of the most classic rock ever written.
It wasn’t until the drugs changed from hallucinogenics to cocaine, did the songs start to go from exploring the spirit world, to exulting the material world.The 80’s brought in rock that was put together by businesses where money was the motive instead of creativity.Our shamans were no longer exploring the inner world, but instead, were all about ego instead.
I think this is why so many people don’t care as much about music.It doesn’t connect them with their inner world, but instead just asks them to worship the musician.American Idol takes this to absolute pinnacle of worship of the musician as an idol, above the rest of us because of personal power.
Now it’s the tech world that explore the inner world by giving us the ability to connect with each other through words and pictures, just as if we were all psychic.Our new shamans are the inventors of IPhones, IPads, video games and Apps.
Our musicians have been corrupted by the material world and now they no longer hold our fascination.We’ve moved on to the next shamans in our search for meaning in the material world.
It’s always about our search for home; the hero’s journey in the hard and lonely world materialism in which we’re all collectively trapped.We’re always looking for a savior to show us the way back home.
But just as Dorothy found out long ago, we all have the ability to go home any time we want, because home is inside all of us.

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