why I give my album away for free


Here's a great Tedtalk that sums up why I give my work away for free.  Compensation for creativity tends to stunt the process.  I don't write songs, or sing for any other reason but to connect with other people.  

To say, 'hey, I live, I love, I hurt, I am joyful, just like you'.  I put my human journey to music, and if listening to my stories make others feel that they're not alone, then I've accomplished my goal, and no amount of money can make me feel as good as lifting someone else's spirit.

That's why I give my music away for free and will continue to do so.  Some people insist on giving me money, which I then give to the Tim Landry Scholarship Memorial Fund, which goes to giving out scholarships to kids who've inspired their fellow students.  

So please, enjoy the music and if you need to give back, do so to the people in your life.  It's all one big circle, and we're all one so it doesn't matter who you give to, we all benefit in the end.  Thanks for wanting to listen to my music.

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