Singing has always been a way of life for Robin Landry. Born into a family of singers, her first influences were the songs of the fifties as her mother put on records to sing along with.

Country music came next, along with rodeos on Sundays after a day filled with singing along with a Pentecostal choir to the classic church hymnals. Robin’s mother and her two younger sisters sang country gospel music together, though never professionally. 

Being the younger of four girls, Robin had to sing harmony for her older sister as they were growing up, which gave her the ability to create harmonies for her originals many years later.

High school came and Robin happily joined the choir. As a second soprano, she was again singing harmony, and though she was only one of two singing a particular harmony, the choir director asked her to take it down a notch because she was too loud. Obviously not cut out for a choir, Robin’s next stop was a rock band where loud was not frowned upon and in fact encouraged.

Joining her first band, Robin learned to a whole new way of singing. From Led Zeppelin to Credence Clearwater Rival, Robin sang for a living back when bands were booked up to six nights a week for four hours a night. As the only singer in the band, Robin learned stamina, which still serves her to this day.

For the next seven years, Robin played in a rock band that cut two albums and, then opened for some big names touring Seattle, like Bryan Adams, Stevie Ray Vaughan and INXS.

With the breakup of the band because of artist differences, Robin retired, married and spent a few years writing books while the children grew up. When the youngest started to drive, she knew it was time to get back out there and make music again. 

This time it was as a solo act. Armed with only an acoustic guitar, Robin write music and started singing in small venues around Washington, anything from weddings to winery, Robin enjoyed performing in front of a live audience again. This time it was all the sweeter because she was at an age to fully appreciate making music for a living again.  Now with album number two out, Robin is getting ready to play at her high school reunion, a dream come true. Who wouldn’t want to go back as a member of the band?