Book Review Voyagers by Ashayana Deane

I'd heard about this book through another author and really does fill in a lot of the gaps in our history.  The author was an abductee by maligned ETs and then in her early teens, by benevolent ETs, which is really where all the confusion comes in.  Some people say that aliens are wonderful while some consider them demons.  And just like humans, there are all sorts of different types of aliens, but whatever their origin, and some are pretty strange, it all comes down to this, some aliens want us to thrive and fulfill our destiny and join our galactic family as co-creators, and some aliens want to use us for their own needs.  Service to self- versus-service to others as the aliens put it.  What's amazing is that sometimes the scariest aliens can be the most compassionate, while the ones that look the most like us might be the scariest of all(think of a charming psychopath). 

As this book tells us, it's really up to us to go within and find the kingdom of God within, so that we can evolve our way out of the discord that the negative aliens have brought us.  We could have heaven on earth so easily if we'd just start living the golden rule and treating each other as we'd like to be treated.  I know that sounds simplistic and as the author tells us, we are violent because we have been disconnected from our spirit matrix,  which means that all of the energy coming in can't connect so it just builds up with no release so we turn fearful and get it out of our systems by way of violence.  I don't know that I've explained it well enough, but that's as much as I can understand. 

One of the ways to evolve is to listen to our intuition.  "Intuition (began) which serves as a bridge between the original emotive codes and the divergent impulses arising from the mutation".  page 101 Without intuition we would have abnormal growth(I'm not sure if they mean physical) and our species would have been permanently stunted. . . . we need emotional healing that comes from listening to what our intuition is telling us about our emotions.  In other words, it's our emotions that will set us free, and that's exactly what is being drugged out of us, when our emotions are not being manipulated to buy something. 

I highly recommend this book for its history of which aliens are doing what to us, rather than putting all aliens in one basket, we need to know what's really going on.  There is also some very complicated chapters on raising awareness and who the different councils are who are helping us.  I tended to skip over that part.  I'm sure I'll come back to it later, but for now, it wasn't applicable to my life.

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