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Elon Musk 

Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future
Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future
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5.0 out of 5 stars InspiringSeptember 14, 2015
The inspiring story of how one person can change the future of all mankind, and I don't say that lightly, but on the other hand, it seems to always be single individuals with a dream who bring out change. From Jesus to Bill Gates, from Steve Jobs, to Steve Bezos, and not to forget the contribution women make, we have Catherine the Great to Elizabeth the First who literally saved their nations, it's always the same, one person with a combination of passion, smarts and dedication to a goal, that make all the difference. If only we taught our children that fact instead of rewarding them for obeying society's sometimes petty rules, we might have more positive change as human beings.

Listening to Elon Musk's climb to the top of business world by wanting perfection from both himself and his employees, was so inspirational to me. With the money-men laughing at him, Mitt Romney comes to mind, calling Musk a loser during a presidential debate, when the only loser was Mitt himself, Musk purservered and built his spaceships and a car that redefined what a car is. A man who pushed himself and everyone around him to the brink of what they thought they could do, Musk is like one of those coaches who may scare his players to death, but in the end shows them that they can do much more than they ever believed.

Ashlee Vance did an excellent job of giving us a picture of Musk's world and the pressures he had to endure to succeed. Going up against both NASA and the big Three auto makers, Musk did the impossible and is making our lives better for it. Musk's vision is a clearer world starting with cars, and if that doesn't save the Earth, then he's working to send a rocket to Mars where we can escape the misguided abuse of our only home, Earth.

I have found that audio books work best for non-fiction. I've tried to listen to fiction books, but I like reading them better. Maybe it's all the podcasts and radio I've listened to over the years which is all non-fiction is the reason, but whatever the cause, it's too late now so I stick to non-fiction and Elon's story was a joy to listen to. I had no idea that Musk was responsible for so many innovations that we all now enjoy. I had no idea that his cousins had started Sun City, a company that will evaluate your house and tell you what solar can do for you, and then install it, which is brilliant because who knows how to install such a complicated system. Like Elon, they saw a need and filled it.

I highly recommend this fascinating look into a modern day genius. Just knowing such people exist and are working towards the good of mankind, gives me hope for the future, more hope than listening to the nightly news channels competing to tell us the worse new possible.

Be your own hero 

We love stories.We love a great movie, a great song, and we love gossip, because in the end, we love stories.Why? 
Because we’re all here on our own hero’s journey. We come into the physical world to learn and lesson and in learning it, we teach each other.That’s why we love to hear about other people’s stories, because that’s why were here.
In Joseph Campbell’s famous book, Hero with a 1000 Faces, he talks about the same story told over and over again, with a different hero every time.Check it out for yourself. Watch any movie that you love and you’ll see what I mean.
Here’s the outline.The hero is going on in his normal life when he gets the call. He must gather his courage to leave his world and enter a new one.There will be tests at every door he must walk through, and in the end, if the hero doesn’t bring out his greatest flaw/fear, and over come it, he won’t complete the journey.
If the hero does complete the journey, he then goes back to his tribe to share his new wisdom and to reap the reward of being a hero.
Apply this formula to Star Wars, or It’s a Wonderful Life, or any other classic(meaning tells the truth) and you’ll see what I mean.
We are all powerful spiritual beings who took the treacherous journey down to the physical world to learn a lesson. Earth holds the most intense lessons because once you come here, you forget who you really are.Only the bravest of the brave take on an Earth lesson, so count yourself as one of the best of the best and the bravest.
We are all writing our own story and we all hold in the deepest parts of ourselves, the script we wrote and want to live out.If we don’t bring out that script and live our heart’s desire, we’ll be miserable and only live half a life.
Oh, we might take drugs, or drink or run marathons or bury ourselves in our children or work, but we know when we’re doing our heart’s desire because when we are, physical rewards don’t matter.
How can you tell what your mission on earth is? What would you do if you weren’t getting paid?What makes you forget to eat?What would you sacrifice for?What makes you want to smile all day, and smile at strangers who cut you off on the freeway?
If this sounds like being in love, it is.Following your bliss makes you feel like you’re in love, because you are in love—with life.And if God is love, then you’re at one with God if you’re in love.
So that’s how you find what journey you’re supposed to be on, it’s what you love, and in order to finish your journey, you’ll have to tap into your fears(shadow self) to find the strength.It’s scary, but not going on your journey means a lifetime of burying your true desires(and self) will bring nothing but misery.
But then again, we all love a redemption story.A story where the hero lifts his head up out of his drunken haze(funny how alcohol affects the liver which stands for courage), and takes on the job of protecting the young child, saving the town, or throws himself on the bomb at the last minute.
We all love stories and we all love a hero, and we all have the chance to the be the hero of our own story. “all the world’s a stage, and in the end, we play all the parts”.
Be your own hero.