Michael Tsarion on youtube The Earth is in Quarantine

This is one of my favorite authors and speakers.  His books talk about the origin of evil in our world, which has come to us only in the last 50,000 years.  Yes, that's right, we are not violent by nature, and in fact were quite peaceful lovers of nature and at one with our world.  As Tsarion explains in this video, the 'gods' came down and taught us war(have you ever wondered why all military insignia are the same for every army in the world? This could only have come about if all war had the same single source). 
As this video explains, there was once a race so wicked that they were chased through the universe and pretended to land on the large water planet that used to exist between Mars and Jupiter. The planet was blown up while these evil ones hid underground on our planet.  Once the coast was clear they came out and after looking around, decided that they needed some slave so worship them.  They started with the local apelike creatures and upgraded their DNA with their own. This created a very smart and very spiritual creature who wouldn't worship the gods.  Back to the drawing board. 
The local reptilians looked like a good match, so the gods created a new creature to worship and work for them. This creature was cold-blooded and very strong; the prefect worker.  Best of all, this creature wasn't bothered by a conscious because he didn't have a spiritual side(think sociopath). 
Now our world is filled with humans who are a mix of these two types of humans and every day we either fight our dark, reptilian side, or give into it, ignoring our spiritual side.  Today our world is set up to reward the sociopathic types, so it would stand to reason that the gods who created us are still here or their descendants.  
Tsarion has lots of youtube videos backing up his claims. He uses the ancient religious works for all cultures, concentrating on the Duridic and Indian cultures of which his is both.  Listen and be amazed.

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