Book Review Voyagers by Ashayana Deane

I'd heard about this book through another author and really does fill in a lot of the gaps in our history.  The author was an abductee by maligned ETs and then in her early teens, by benevolent ETs, which is…

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Review for What Used To Be

The track is very professionally mixed and mastered. The vocals are just loud enough to become the focus of attention, while still allowing for the beautiful tone of the strings to shine through. All the pieces harmonize flawlessly to create…Read more

why I give my album away for free

Here's a great Tedtalk that sums up why I give my work away for free.  Compensation for creativity tends to stunt the process.  I don't write songs, or sing for any other reason but to connect with other people.  …Read more

Be your own hero

We love stories.We love a great movie, a great song, and we love gossip, because in the end, we love stories.Why? 
Because we’re all here on our own hero’s journey. We come into the physical world to learn and lesson…Read more

why we love rock stars

What is it with our obsessions with rock stars?To me it’s because music comes from the spiritual world, and musicians are our modern day shamans. 
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New CD in the works

With enough new songs to make 3 new cds, I think it's time to start the next one.  My co-writer, Cory Wilds, who co-produced my last cd with Charlie Wilson, is going it solo this time.  Well, he'll have my…Read more

Just in case wanted to keep up on what's cool

Tumblr is for porn.
Facebook is for the wannabe famous.

Instagram is for those who are too lazy to write.

Texting is social currency. It doesn't matter how many likes or friends or followers you've got, but how many people…Read more

Making the video for Waiting

I've just come back from a wonderful weekend in Utah where our daughter lives.  Why Utah?  Because that's where Kelsey Daniels lives and works as a movie producer, production manager and sometime director.  

Our first day in Salt Lake City…Read more

Luke Murphy

  • What do you do when you are not writing?
    I always say I write because I can’t sing or dance (LOL). Writing isn’t my full time job, I would have starved long ago if it was.
    I’m an elementary school…
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Fun in Roche Harbor

 Last Sunday of Labor Day weekend,  i had the privilege of playing with a few of my closest friends on the main dock at Roche Harbor, and who should appear?  Alan White of Yes!  Can you imagine?  And an attractive…Read more